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Shadeworks, Director of Operations Jordan Klein shares how working with Locomotive has helped to grow his business.

Jordan Klein, Director of Operations for Shadeworks talks about his experience working with Locomotive.

“Over the past couple of years, my business has dealt with three other Google Adwords management companies (with very unsatisfactory results). 


The first company had my fixed monthly budget varying by $1,500.00/month (and blamed it on Google).


The second company added on multiple extra fees. Even charging HST on my monthly, Google ad-spend (which is a fabricated charge).  


The third manager went MIA for ten days (immediately following launching my campaign). He eventually held my account hostage when I decided to move on.


In frustration, I resumed my search for a reputable company to help my business. After speaking with several underwhelming businesses, I came upon Locomotive, a company run by the very professional & friendly, Mike Ceresney. Mike listened patiently to my concerns and assured me that Locomotive is transparent in their dealings. Mike looked at my previous campaigns and made the necessary changes to ensure I received reoccurring new leads. Mike is knowledgeable and always reachable whenever I have a question.


Locomotive continues to manage my Google Ads account on an on-going basis and I highly recommend Mike. He really knows his stuff!”


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